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Surf and Bodyboard

Each sport comes with maneuvers like layback snap, tail blow, or nosepick for surfing, and El Rollo, ARS, and backflip for bodyboarding.

Realistic Waves

Ride real waves like Kirra in Australia, Skeleton Bay in Namibia, Teahupoo in French Polynesia, or Supertubos in Portugal.

Wave Editor

Create your local spot or your dream wave. Left or right, big or small, fast or slow sections, flat or hollow, you can create any wave you want.

Community Waves

Play hundreds of different waves created by the community giving you a potential infinite content to discover.


Play online against other players in 16 surfers bracket tournaments with man-on-man heats and direct elimination.


Each freeride or community wave comes with full rankings based on best score, longest barrel, or total barrel length.

Game Controller

You can play with a keyboard and mouse, and also with your favorite game controller. The game supports Xbox and Playstation controllers.


Go fullscreen or windowed, choose the resolution, cap your FPS, configure the game HUD, and change all the key bindings.

Download on iOS
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In Development

XP System and Challenges

Earn XP to unlock additional content by achieving daily and brand-sponsored challenges.

Global Rankings

Aggregation of the freeride rankings and reputation rankings to build global rankings with filtering per country.

World Tour

Official competitions in parallel of real-life surf and bodyboard events.


Team up with your friends to create crews and compete against others.

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