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Use the Omnislash companion app to automatically take perfectly timed screenshots when you do maneuvers or are in the barrel!

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Share your YouRiding achievements, comment and like others, find YouRiding players, follow them, and be notified when they are online!

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How it works

  1. Install YouRiding on PC or MAC
  2. Create an account on Omnislash using the access code: youriding
  3. Download, install and launch the Omnislash Companion App: it should detect your YouRiding game!
  4. Launch and play YouRiding: at the end of each wave it will tell you how many screenshots have been captured.
  5. Once you are done playing, close the YouRiding game: the Omnislash App will start uploading the screenshots and generate a report on your profile.
  6. Review your screenshots and share them to the YouRiding feed to show other players!

Join our Discord and ask for help if you have any issues or if you want to share your screenshots!

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